2018 makeup


Yesterday I did a full face of makeup which is very rear for me since my school has a ”no makeup policy” which i dislike a lot, I mean I’m in 7th grade not 3rd. Other than that my weeks been fine, just a looooot of homework.

Tonight I’m going to eat Chinese food which i loooooooove. Well I have to get ready for that now so I’ll see you the next time I upload something.

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Swedish Candy <3

swedish candy

Here we have the true reason that i returned to Sweden; candy. Omg! not to be disrespectful or anything but Italy’s candy is the worst, they might have expensive chocolate but that is no match against cheap and awesome ”Marabou” chocolate. It is actually the one reason I started liking chocolate in the first place.

You guys, I also started reading the book ”Little Women” and I am only on the 70th page so and nothing much have happened but I like the book a lot. Now the first week of school is over and well lets just say I miss not having school a lot and thats why I haven’t posted anything this last week.

See you soon,


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Back In Rome


Back home. Yesterday we arrived from Sweden about 8 PM. Tomorrow school starts and I’m like not exited at all. I guess it will be fun to see friends and all but I mean, really, who’s ever exited about going back to school? Comment what you think, are you exited?

If you want to know more about my outfit you can head over to my outfits page or press HERE.

Good luck tomorrow,



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Rosegarden Malmö

rosegarden malmö


OMG! you guys, this is my absolute favourite restaurant in the world (or at least in Sweden) its called Rosegarden. The restaurant has a great selection of food from many countries. The photo shows dumplings and sushi which I looooove. If you are ever in the south of Sweden (Malmö) you need to go there.

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Happy New Year

New years eve

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you had an awesome new years eve last night. If you want to see my outfit from yesterday you can press here to come to my OUTFITS page.

Have an amazing 2018,



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Holiday Traveling

fiumicino airport

After spending Christmas in Rome we thought it would be fun to spend the rest of the holidays with relatives in the south of Sweden and this is a photo of me outside of the Fiumicino airport in Rome about a few hours before boarding the plane to Denmark (to take a train to Sweden afterwards). I hope you have had a fun Christmas, I know I did, and are as exited as I am for New years eve tomorrow.

About New Years eve, head over to my OUTFITS page on my blog to se the outfit I’ll be wearing. It will either be posted tomorrow (31st) or the day after (1st) but there are still a few posts of different outfits there including the one I am wearing in this photo.




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Finally Christmas

Bild, N. 3

Finally its Christmas, I hope you guys had (or are having) a great Christmas. Since I am Swedish I celebrated Christmas yesterday (the 24th) but I have friends that celebrate the 25th or even both. Please leave a comment where you are from and what day you celebrate Christmas (if you do) because this whole thing is confusing me :)

Anyways I hope, as I said, you had a great Christmas and you ate a lot of food and got some of the gifts you wished for, I got these amazing fluffy sock/shoes things from Yamamay and they have small pompoms on them and I love them and even though I have a fever and I am super warm I still wear them.

I hope you have a continuous fun Christmas,

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Holidays… Really?


Well… Let’s just say the hype over not having school is officially over. You know when your teacher says ”have a nice holiday” at the end of your last class and your like ”I intend to”. You exit the classroom and then you realize that you are not gonna have a ”nice holiday” and you are not free from school because you are now carrying a 1000kg backpack containing all of your homework….

This is exactly what happened to me, yesterday I did english homework (only english homework) for 5 hours and it’s the ONLY homework I have finished I still have science, social studies, math, etc.

But on the other hand its 2 days until Christmas (I’m Swedish and we celebrate Christmas the 24th). To be totally honest it does not feel like its Christmas soon at all, maybe because I’m used to it being cold outside and now I can walk outside without feeling like I’m about to die out of being cold. Apparently there is no snow in Rome….

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Hello! Today its one week until Christmas and I am super exited. For the first time ever I have finished all of my gifts, they are both purchased and wrapped. On Wednesday we only have school until 12 o’clock and then our Christmas break begins (YESSS) and I am soooo exited. I have no tests this week in school but my teachers gave me tons of homework anyways… =(

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Welcome To My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Smilla. I am 13 years old and I live in Rome, Italy. I am originally from Stockholm but I have lived here for the last year. This blog will probably have random posts about practically everything  but I’ll try to keep the post mostly about clothes and makeup and things like that.

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